Second Vegas Trip

so this weekend i went to Vegas with a bunch of girls for Elisa’s birthday. SOOOO much fun, but i don’t feel like getting into too much details. it’s not one of those “whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas” thing, i’m just lazy ;) here are pics though:


isn’t this pretty?? this is in front of TAO at the Venetian. i wanna take a shower in these :) at night they actually put girls in there as decorations.


Coyote Ugly!!! in New York New York. i am so going here again next time. the girls were smokin’ hooootttt~ the shot was free for girls, so all of us took at least one shot. Elisa took MANY and i documented each one of them. they’re for facebook friends eyes only though.


all of us at the Venetian. right across from the Jimmy Choo’s store June was very fond of.


$1 margaritas from Casino Royale!! it was very yummy


with June :D!! i was way faded that i don’t remember taking this picture…

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