February Bali

So I went to Bali at the end of february… and here are some pictures i took :)

again, since i am connected to some super slow internet, i’m not going to comment on each of them. they are basically pictures of Bali in general, the villa we stayed in for the first couple of days (it was absolutely gorgeous!) some pics of when i went snorkeling (i loved it!) and went to a local mini zoo where i was able to held someof the local animals (turtles, a bat, a snake, an eagle, and some bird i don’t know the name of), and pictures of when my brother was interviewed by the press and the sports channel! i’ve FINALLY gone back and re-did this entry. six months later…

yep, i had a blast in bali. I really do miss LA though. I miss my nico sensei. I miss Kat. I miss the organized way of living. it is absolutely hectic to live in Jakarta, but I will manage :)

pictures after the jump!

waiting for the plane to Bali. my brother is playing with the ipod touch we got him. it was funny because we used this local airline who JUST had an accident the day before. so while we were waiting to board, the news was broadcasting the accident. it was minor without any fatalities, but still.. awkward.

a picture of flower ornaments in front of the villa. Bali is ALL about flowers! you see flowers EVERYwhere.. it’s very pretty

a very common kind of flowers around here.. called the “shoe flower”. i think the english/latin name for this flower is hibiscus?

went to watch my brother play a round of golf. was bored so i snapped this picture randomly.

Pretty flower arrangement called “sesajen” and put out in front of Balinese houses / business area as an offering to the gods. aside of flowers, they often put snacks, fruits and even cigarette on some occasions

we were lucky because my brother’s boss offered for us to stay in the villa. it was this absolutely gorgeous three bedroom villa with individual rooms! one of the rooms is separated from the main building.

and all the rooms has this exotic sliding door with cool curtains! i love it!

the common area. it was an open space. we didn’t spend too much time in it because it was hot outside.

walked around the beach for a bit.. then visited this temple that is famous for its wild monkeys!

the monkeys are a bit dangerous… if you don’t watch your stuff, they will take it. one monkey took my dad’s hat (right off his head!) but we were able to get it back by throwing food at the monkey. we think the locals trained the monkeys to do this because then we would pay the locals for “helping” us get our stuff back.

they can also be a bit territorial with other monkeys. i saw one barring its teeth at another and it was quite intimidating!

had my back hunched here because i was a bit scared of standing too close to the edge of the cliff. it’s a pretty high place to fall off from… eeeeee.

went back to the same place again the next day because my brother had an interview.

the next day me, my mom and my sister went off on our own to explore the island. we went to one of the beaches and got this package that includes snorkeling, glass bottom boat and a trip to a place called “turtle island”

spent 30 mins snorkeling, then took the boat to the turtle island

this one is a youngin. i think it was only 15-20 years old

these ones are about 50-60 years old. they were HUGE. i was feeding them fresh seaweed

saw wild bats

i touched it!! it felt leathery and really soft.

I also had a snake wrapped around my neck, but lost that picture :(

my brother after one tournament day

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