Singapore Pictures

yay!! i have something to blog about!

so I completely forgot I have these pictures to upload :) these are pics from Singapore, where we visited the Jurong bird park and Singapore zoo. I also have some pictures from when we went down to Orchard road, one of the famous places to go in Singapore to shop.. they have all kinds of high end stores there.

so on that day, we woke up early but didn’t get out to explore until around 10:30AM. we immediately took the MRT (their subway system… i think it stands for Mass Rapid Transit?) to Jurong Bird park. the public transport here is very clean, efficient and very easy to understand… just what Singapore is well known for: clean and organized! there were always a line to stand in if you want to get taxi or get on a bus. and you can’t just wave at the taxi on the street. taxis don’t just stop at random places… they have their own designated spot. we didn’t have any hard time getting around at all despite it being our first time getting around Singapore by ourselves! impressive.

One MRT ride and one bus ride later, we were at the Jurong bird park. I really regret not taking my SLR :( anyway, here are the pictures!

Ibis Birds at the Jurong Bird Park

Ibis Birds at the Jurong Bird Park. They are sooo bright red! very pretty, but they smell pretty bad…

The lorries

we visited the lorries, and bought bird foods to feed them. the birds were crazy!! as soon as i held the cup, they were basically all over me


them a couple seconds after the picture above was taken..

Another lorry

They look like parrots, but smaller

Parrots! Arrr

Now these are the Parrots!! Arrrr


visited the penguins on our way out.

Fresh water pearls!

with each ticket to Jurong bird park, we get one free fresh water pearl, and they even let us choose the clam and take the pearl out in front of you! i happen to choose the clam with a pink pearl :D

then we took the bus back to the MRT station and rushed over to the Singapore zoo, since we bought a 2-in-1 ticket and it was almost closing time…

White tigerssss

Them up close

pretty white tigers!


was lucky enough to snap this pic right before the jaguar went off to the back of her cage! she looked so fierce standing next to the glass window. i got a bit scared despite knowing that the chance of her breaking through the window is slim to none :P

after the zoo, we took the MRT all the way back to Orchard road to have dinner and sight see

Orchard Road

the road is so full of life! the whole street is basically shopping malls and people walking.

Raffles Place MRT

at the Raffles place MRT station. as you can see, it is very clean and very modern looking.. i love it! not all of the MRT stations look like this, but they were all still clean and very organized.

One Raffles Quay

the one Raffles Quay exit, which leads to 1 Raffles Quay building, right next to the apartment we were staying in.

so that’s my little journey in Singapore! :)

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