Cirebon + Random Pics

You know you are in Asia when you see an aisle dedicated to ramen:


Last week we went on an impromptu trip to Cirebon, my mom and dad’s hometown since I needed to renew my passport. I refuse to be stuck in an airport for 6 hours again!

We actually planned it to be a short one day trip, but it turned into a two day trip since the whole passport thing basically took the WHOLE day and we were pooped by the time it was over. so we decided to stay one more night to rest before heading back. Then on the way back, we visited Bandung since one of our relatives were heading that way.. stopped by this place that exclusively serves frog dishes:


My brother bravely tried frog chips.. I don’t want to know how they were made. he said it was good though…


My sister eating a bowl of frogs..

I did not have any even though I already know how they taste like (like chicken basically). I just couldn’t bring myself to eat them :X *gag*


One of my favorite Cirebon cuisine: Nasi Lengko! fried tempeh + tahu on rice with sweet soy sauce + spicy peanut sauce and fresh cucumber + green onion. it’s so simple you can make it at home, but it’s nice to have someone make it for you :)


Fried cassava roots! I LOVE THIS!


Mommy and my auntie!


My cousin’s crazy Bonsai plants. it’s a freakin FOREsT!



Us and grandma from my dad’s side at the house they’ve lived in for the past.. at least 60 years.


My cousin’s Golden Retriever.. Holly. SO CUTE!!


We were going somewhere one day and Holly jumped onto the back seat when it was opened.. he thought we were taking him for a walk! he absolutely REFUSED to get off the car and we had to lure him out by running around in front of the car so he would chase us. ADORABLE!



Could you tell we loved this dog so much? ^^

My cousin also has a cute welsh corgi who gets jealous whenever we don’t give her attention, but I have no pictures of her :P


I’ll leave this post off with a rare picture of me driving. Let’s just say I’m not meant to take on the roads.. that’s why I love public transportation!

7 Replies to “Cirebon + Random Pics”

  1. You driving? o_O Did everybody on the side walk move out of the way? *smile jk

    That goggie is so cute – reminds me of my late golden retriever, Bentley.

    Glad you got to rest after that disastrous time fixing your passport. Guess the U.S. Government services are the only ones who take forever.

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