Camera Clean Up #4857

Yeah, I know.. yet another neglect of this blog for weeks on end. But I have good reason! and I have lots of pictures to post in an upcoming entry :). meanwhile, i cleaned up my camera memory card and here’s what i have to show:


an apple shaped leather coin pouch. Isn’t this soOoo cute?? I bought this in Singapore at a random store for SGD10. pretty cheap and i’ve been needing a coin pouch for the longest time~


I flew to Singapore for a day some time within the past two weeks (I lost count) and this is what I wore. I’ve been loving this look lately (oversized shirt and high waisted shorts). sometimes i wear the shorts underneath shirts as well to turn it to regular denim shorts. who says Forever 21 sucks again? I got these both from them for under $40 total.


at changi!! i love this airport so much.


on our way to the MRT station from airport. did I ever mention how much I love Singapore MRTs? it’s a godsend for someone like me since I don’t drive..


went to a food court place at Orchad Road (I think it was called food republic?) and got pibimbap! it’s still nothing compared to korean food in LA, but it will have to do..


random shot from airplane. this reminds me of an RPG city… huge wide green plains and a city smack dab in the middle of it. hehe..


went to PEPeNERO for lunch one day. it’s my favorite italian place here in Jakarta. Their price aren’t ridiculous and it taste WAY better than any other foreign restaurant i’ve been to so far in Indonesia. For one, they got their salmon right! I love it!!


ordered a spinach gnochetti with salmon and saffron sauce. I had no idea what i ordered, but this is what came out and I didn’t hate it!


Another thing I love about PEPeNERO: Their complimentary bread bowl.


also went to Ramen38 with my cousin one night. i’m proud to say I ordered the best ramen there: Mabo Ramen~ it was quite yummy but their portion was REALLY REALLY small.

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  1. Spinach gnochetti with salmon and saffron sauce – I hope it tastes better than it looks, *gag.

    Once again, I shouldn’t view your blog on an empty stomach. Thanks for the update! Us, faithful followers, were getting quite anxious for the latest update.

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