More Macau pics..

I totally forgot that I also still have pics to upload from my pink digital camera.. we took a LOT of pictures that week I guess.

somewhere inside the Venetian…

this is the brown cardigan i got from zara. i love it!! it’s simple and longer than most cardigans out there.. as you can see, it goes down to the hem of my shorts. but i guess that doesn’t say much since the shorts i wore were pretty… short… hey, it was really hot outside, okay?

someone offered to take pictures of us. how nice of him =) i think this was at the four seasons, which was directly connected to the Venetian

i look very touristy here…

at the Fisherman’s wharf, we took the shuttle tour. waste of money!! should have taken it at night.. it would have been prettier. but then again, it was really cheap.

tried this beer called Hoegaarden.. i had a huge glass of Carlsberg before this so i was already tipsy. if you must know, my tolerance is virtually non-existent┬áthese days. in my inebriated state i said, “let’s order that beer with the funny name!”

well, sorry if anyone here is a fan, but i did not like it very much. and yeah, it was super huge as you can see above. my sister ordered the tall glass..

3 Replies to “More Macau pics..”

  1. The first picture at the top is my favorite!

    I’m a beer fan, but I understand if you didn’t like it. Drinking beers from different countries takes a different kind of tolerance.

  2. I love Hoegaarden, especially from tap! It’s great with oranges. But if you don’t like malty, fruity Belgian beers (like Blue Moon or Chimay), then I guess it wouldn’t be very good … haha.

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