Bangkok in 2010

This week after working through the weekend and lots of overtime, I went off to Bangkok for work! I didn’t have time to be excited because I was very busy, but once I got there it finally hit me that I was in Thailand for the first time ever! :D

Anyway, the first two days was spent inside Novotel Bangna as we were working. We literally didn’t take a single step out of the hotel and ate hotel food for each meals.

On thursday we finally had some time to go explore the city. This was taken at Siam Square, where we got massages!

Speaking of massages, I’m very fond of Thai massage. Some parts were just down right painful (but in a good way), and tickled so bad that I was silently praying for it to be over, but over all it was very good! I had my body folded in ways I didn’t know could be folded and had my back cracked in places I didn’t know could be cracked. The masseuse says I was pretty flexible compared to normal people though.

Anyway, I had three massages in the span of two days. it was lovely

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