Paul’s visit Day 1: Singapore Food!

It’s inevitable. when i start working, this blog (and pretty much life outside of work) immediately takes the back seat. but… that’s what happens when you’re passionate about your job, right?

In any case, a good friend from high school came to visit last weekend! he had just (finally) finished dental school last month. the last time i saw him was when he interviewed for UCLA dental school, which means it has been four years since we last saw each other. but doesn’t matter, we picked right back up from where we left off. i forgot how it feels like to be with someone you’ve known for ten plus years. no pretense, just as we are.

it was a TON of fun introducing him to Singapore, and oh, all the food we had! First stop after picking him up at changi was to Orchard. He wanted to experience the “Singapore” meal, so I took him to the food court at the basement of Ion. yeah I know that’s touristy still, but we (I) was hungry! He got his first chicken rice and a taste of Singlish, while I got charsiew rice.

My Charsiew Rice. It was quite yummy! The pork was crispy

Also ordered some oyster omelette and carrot cake to share, but turns out we over-ordered! I ordered small for each but it came out THAT BIG so we ate probably half of each dish. I hate wasting food, but this time I just can’t help it ;(

Afterwards we went back to my apartment so he can put down his backpack and settle down before exploring some more. However, both of us got little to no sleep the night before, so we passed out cold for about four hours till 6pm. Just in time for dinner, I say, and what kind of a host am I if I don’t take him to one of the real hawker centers in Singapore? So we took the cab down to Newton Hawker Center.

My absolute MUST order whenever we go there. BBQ chicken wings! it’s so yummy!!! I think I pretty much ate all five of these, because Paul had something else in store:

Tiger Prawns. GROSS! As you can see from the size of the lime, they are HUGE. the white ones are butter prawns and the red ones are chili. there’s no way i’m touching that so Paul was pretty much stuck with four huge slabs of tiger prawns. They’re quite pricey too, at $16 per slab O_O. He couldn’t finish it so we ended up having to tapao it back home.

But that’s not all. We also ordered some of the other staple seafood hawker centre dishes: Kangkong with black bean and chili, beansprout with chili, and grilled stingray. I was quite impressed with the stingray!

Afterwards, we went down to Clarke Quay for some Singapore night life. There were some river festival thing going on, and the bridge was packed as always. Of course I had to show him the Singaporean way: buying drinks from 7/11 and drinking on the bridge!

What a show off, I actually drank both since he doesn’t like Whiskey.

Me demonstrating what I do best: being an alcoholic. It was quite a hot night though, so we only lasted 30 mins before we moved on the the bar areas with A/C.

OH MY GOD I almost forgot! We also went on the GMax reverse bungy, a ride that catapults you up to the air at high speed. Looks very scary!

At this point I was thinking what a bad idea it is, and profusely hating Paul for making us do this.

The scariest part was actually after you’ve been catapulted upwards, rolled around backward and forward, and you started to “settle”… while still being so high up in the air so you can see everything below you. I have to admit I freaked out a lot and really wanted the ride to be over right then and there. but in the end, it was quite fun.

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