Phuket 2010: I have seen paradise

I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier, but this past weekend I finally made my way up north to visit a little island in Thailand called Phuket. It’s a very famous tourist destination in South East Asia, with the beautiful beach and white powdery sand…

I went there for four short days. it was very hard to leave the island back to Singapore (and back to reality). I’ll let the pictures do all the talking.

I met up with my sorority sister Christina. She got us a room at Sheraton Laguna. Christina traveled a lot for work, so she has a special privilege with all Starwood hotels. It was awesome!!

We got a kick ass room with straight access to the pool. We’re talking about dipping your feet into the pool right off the balcony here.

Our breakfast the first morning! stuffed myself silly :)

Later on that day, we enjoyed appetizers and free flow of drinks thanks to Christina again! it was awesome. I drank four glasses of wine in under 30 mins (needless to say, I was pretty happy)

Then we ran off to catch the sunset by the beach:

Missed it by a couple minutes, but not too worry. Plenty of time :)

We decided to continue drinking by the beach. We each got a bottle of Chang beer, which is a popular local choice. Then we took a nap for a few hours by the beach. Now that’s what I call vacation!

The next morning, woke up early since we booked a tour to the famous Phi Phi island.

Empty lobby at 8 in the morning…

We’re off to Phi Phi island! I had heard so many people talk about this place, but I was certainly NOT prepared to see how beautiful it really is in real life!

The water was the perfect shade of aqua blue. I almost couldn’t believe myself. It was insane!!

Phi Phi island is the location where the movie “The Beach” (Leonardo Dicaprio) was filmed. It wasn’t in this exact location though. We WERE going to visit the set at Maya Beach, but the tides were high that day so we had to skip.

A pirate cave?

The water was so clear that we could see all the colourful tropical fish swimming underneath!

Then we arrived at Monkey Beach. I took the time to capture the white powdery sand on the beach.

Fatty monkey! I try not to get too close to them since I know wild monkeys can get pretty agressive. I remember what happened at Uluwatu.

We also went snorkeling. The weather was a bit overcast that day so the snorkeling wasn’t as awesome as it could be, but it was still an experience. I saw so many colored fishes and swam alongside of them. Some people spotted anemone and a few nemos too!

One of the tour guides took out a sea urchin to show to other passengers who didn’t go under the water.

After lunch, we made a stop over at a very tiny island.

Spotted a dead jelly fish that washed ashore. I touched it! it felt like jello.

Took a nap by the beach again for a couple hours. Then woke up and snapped this pic. That’s why I look distraught… but I like it :D

My favorite!

After the tour, we came back to the hotel for more hors d’oeuvres, and ran to the beach again to catch the sunset.

The next morning, had another breakfast at the hotel. I overdosed on the smoked salmon

We rented a car that day and finally got out of the resort. Down to Patong!

Christina and James played at the beach while I spent nearly three hours getting mani pedi and thai massage. I was in heaven!!

We had a seafood dinner. Very cheap and oh so yummy!

Walked around bangla streeeeeet… which is a popular tourist area for night life.

was offered countless ping pong shows (which we declined).

Ended the night at a hookah bar

turkish coffee! first time having it. It’s very thick…

Next day we traveled further south, and discovered this little hidden gem right by Karon view point:

It was a jouney just getting to the restaurant! We had lunch by the beach, with a lovely company of these two dogs:

Our lunch. Very delicious!!

Unfortunately, it pretty much rained all day long. I had a plane to catch so I split away from the group and spent the day at Patong, getting as many massages as I could before I had to fly back to Singapore.

So long Phuket, I will see you again soon!

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