Krabi, Thailand 2011

A month or so ago, my friend Paul (who came to visit me in Singapore last year) facebook messaged me saying he’ll be in Thailand for a month and that I should come. Of course, without much hesitation I booked a round trip ticket from SIN – BKK :D. We ended up deciding to go to Krabi for 4 days as well.

* * *

Day 1 – June 23, 2011

A day of travelling. I woke up early since my flight is at 11am. Took the cab to Changi Aiport and flew to BKK. I arrived there at 1pm, and met up with Paul. We had lunch at a ridiculously cheap food court in the airport.

My whole meal was only $3!

We then waited around for our next flight to Krabi at 4pm, just chatting and catching up with each other. I hadn’t really talked to him that much since last year.

We got to Krabi after a short flight at 6pm. Our tour van was already waiting for us and took us to the hotel. BUT, upon arriving we were informed that our hotel was full! Paul had even called in to confirm in the morning and they didn’t say anything then. We had no choice but to be sent to another smaller hotel. It turned out to be fine though, although still unhappy about the hotel overbooking us.

They did serve us dinner though..

We got to the hotel, showered, and I had a masseuse come to our room to give me Thai massage. First massage in the trip :D it costed me 300 baht, which is expensive but she came pretty late at night so i’m not complaining.

After the massage I pretty much conked out till the next morning.

* * *

Day 2 – June 24, 2011

Woke up at 7:30am to a sunny day. Thank god, because we had been informed that the weather was bad for the past week that they couldn’t bring the boat out for snorkeling.

Anyway, the tour van picked us up and we had breakfast at the other hotel. We were then picked up again using this shady tuk tuk to the beach.

Then our boat set out to sail by 10am.

We visited four islands that day. The first island was called Tap island, which is this tiny island with soft sands and clear water!

Our second stop was snorkeling. It was basically the same as phi phi snorkeling I did in Phuket. I saw a lot of fish and some people saw sea snakes but I didn’t :(. After about 20 mins of snorkeling we came back onto the boat and had lunch there. We stopped by another island, and ate there again because I was still hungry.

The last stop (and our fourth island) was an island with very pretty cliff by the beach.

We passed by a lot of natural caves. There was also a lagoon, but we didn’t have time to visit it since it required a lot of extreme climbing to get to.

After that we sailed back to our starting point, and that’s when i started getting a bit sea sick. Thank god it was near the end of the trip! We were transported back to the hotel, showered and was picked up again to go to Ao Nang, which is the down town of Krabi.

We stopped by this restaurant by the beach, which serves crazy good Thai food. Paul went a bit overboard with the ordering…

After dinner we walked down the road for a bit of sightseeing, and stopped at a massage parlour. Paul had back and neck massage while I got mani/pedi for 300 baht. while walking around we also managed to book a cheaper price for the Jungle Tour, so we canceled the tour with our hotel and booked it here instead. It was only 900 baht as opposed to 1500 baht that we were going to pay at the hotel!

* * *

Day 3 – June 25, 2011

We woke up at 7:30 again, went to the original hotel with our luggages (since we’re moving there finally) and was picked up by 9am by the tour van.

After picking up all the other tour members, we arrived at our first stop – elephant trekking. Without much delay, we climbed a makeshift tent and onto our own elephant. It was quite possibly the most exciting experience in my life!

We crossed the street onto a eucalyptus field, and onto a small forest. The whole time we were on the elephant’s back with a trainer, but after awhile the trainer let me sit on the front near the elephant’s head.

After about 30-45 mins, we came back to the starting spot and bought bananas to feed the elephants with. We then set off to our next destination, the Tiger Cave temple.

The temple was famous for the 1000+ stairs it has that leads to top of the mountain. We took the shorter route though, a 200+ steps to a natural cave. It was only 200 steps but my body was all sore the next day -_-

Our third stop was a natural hot spring. We took a dip for about 10 mins before it got too hot, then got out and had some snacks since we were hungry. Thankfully the next item in agenda was lunch :D We had a simple lunch right outside of the hot spring place, inside a private hut for each of us.

We then drove to our next and last stop, which is the emerald pool. We were dropped off on the entrance and had to walk a mile or so in. I made the huge mistake of using the bathroom here and it was quite possibly the most disgusting one i’ve encountered so far -_-. We also decided not to go into the pool since there was a lot of moss and I hate moss, so we just walked around the pool and back to the entrance. I had an ice cream for 20 baht while outside waiting!

After everyone came back, we got back into the van and was driven back to our hotel. Once we got to the hotel we showered and went back to Ao Nang for dinner. We got a foot massage for an hour first though, since we weren’t that hungry, and it was very cheap at 190 baht.

After massage we walked around to look for a dinner place and settled down at a place we saw the night before that was full with foreigners. It’s called Aning restaurant and everything was delicious and CHEAP here. ok, not gonna lie, the main reason why we ended up here is because their cocktail was 1-for-1, which means it was only 90 baht per cocktail! I went ballistic.

We ordered three dishes: A duck pizza, olive fried rice and thai glass noodle that i became so fond of during this trip. Everything was so delicious! the place also had a good live music going on throughout the night.

We finished dinner around 10 and was picked up to go back to the hotel.

* * *

Day 4 – June 26, 2011

We checked out of our hotel and got into the airport shuttle at 10am. We stopped by at a small souvenir place to buy some souvenirs back before finally getting to the airport and back to Bangkok.

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