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Day 1 – October 29, order viagra 2011 order viagra I arrived in Madrid at 2pm, order viagra by myself. order viagra My travel buddy Serena (who also went to Taiwan and Hongkong with me earlier this year) wasn’t due to arrive until the next morning at 7am, order viagra so my first day in europe was a solo journey! exciting times :) order viagra order viagra I flew with Emirates Airlines from Singapore. order viagra Emirates is an excellent airline, order viagra I have zero complaints and their Singapore to Europe fares were unbeatable. order viagra I got an open jaw ticket which means I flew in and got out of Europe through different cities – Madrid and Paris, order viagra respectively. order viagra I stopped over at Dubai and chose the shortest possible layover which was three hours. order viagra the airtime for each leg of flights were 7 hours, order viagra which makes my total flight time 17 hours. order viagra Anyway, order viagra Madrid is a nice city. order viagra It was easy to get around in and the majority of people understand english and/or willing to accomodate your english speaking. order viagra The city is relatively clean and safe – I didn’t encounter anything out of the ordinary during my visit, order viagra even when I was by myself. order viagra The metro network was extensive and easy to understand. order viagra From the airport I took the train into the city for only €2.50 and did not get lost/confused at all. order viagra order viagra One thing I noticed is that people stand on the right side on the escalator and this applies throughout Europe. order viagra I had a hard time adjusting when I got back to Singapore after two weeks because we stand on left. order viagra You can also eat and drink in the subway or do practically anything (except smoking) which was bewildering to me coming from a country with so many rules! order viagra Serena and I booked a room at Hostal San Martin, order viagra located smack dab in the middle of Calle Gran Via which is Madrid’s liveliest street and their biggest shopping district. I would highly recommend Hostal San Martin based on the location itself. order viagra The friendliness of the staff and the cozy room were also appreciated of course :) order viagra Gran Via order viagra I dropped off my luggage in the hostel and promptly set out to explore around the area and shopped around. order viagra I couldn’t believe I was in Europe for the first time ever!! Soon, order viagra it was easy to understand why good things were always said about Europe. order viagra The place IS quite charming. order viagra I was so excited when I saw H&M across the street but I soon found out there were H&Ms practically on every block in this district. order viagra They’re like Starbucks for shopping! order viagra order viagra My friend Christina is doing her business school in Madrid so I arranged to meet up with her for dinner. order viagra That’s when I realized Spaniards have their dinner late. order viagra As in very, order viagra very late. order viagra I took a little nap around 8pm due to jetlag and met up with Christina at around 9:30PM for dinner(!). order viagra She took me to Mercado de San Anton, order viagra just off Gran Via station, order viagra for a very Spanish dinner. order viagra Basically, order viagra Spaniards consider lunch as their main meal and they would go out to have 2 hour lunch. order viagra Traditional stores would even close during this time for a “siesta” which is basically… a nap time. order viagra Yeah, order viagra I know, order viagra when I found out about this I thought “Damn, order viagra europeans have it good!” – another positive thing to add to the Why I Love Europe list. order viagra I guess because of this, order viagra a popular choice of dinner would be tapas which are small dishes of a variety of food. order viagra They were cheap too, order viagra about €1-3 per dish. order viagra Dinner that night costed me only €7 including alcohol! order viagra Mercado San Anton order viagra The plate on the left is spanish omelette – not what I expected from omelette at all since it contained very little egg and more greasy, order viagra greasy potatoes. order viagra The plates on the right are little bruschetta-looking things topped with all kinds of fish. order viagra All of them were very yummy, order viagra but also very salty. order viagra I noticed this is true across almost all Spanish food I had during my trip. order viagra Afterwards Christina took me to what she calls “churros fondue” at Chocolatería San Ginés. order viagra I wasn’t sure what to expect, order viagra but I’m game with chocolate and when we got to the place at 11pm there were a bit of a line going in so that’s a very good sign. order viagra Chocolatería San Ginés order viagra And it was literally just that. order viagra Churros dipped in hot chocolate, order viagra except the hot chocolate was melted chocolate fondue in a cup. order viagra Christina told me it’s also a typical Spanish breakfast and I began to wonder how the girls stay so thin and beautiful. order viagra I was also supposed to go out with her that night, order viagra but due to late dinner Spanish party doesn’t start till 1am, order viagra and at that point the jetlag has completely owned me and there is just no way I would survive the night. order viagra I didn’t go out and in retrospect it was a wise decision to do since I had a lot of walking to do the next day!

Day 2 – October 30, order viagra 2011 order viagra Serena landed at 7am, order viagra but I figured after getting luggage and getting into the city et cetera, order viagra she would only get to the hostel by 10am. order viagra I was still jetlagged and was up and awake at 6am, order viagra so I set out for a morning walk around the neighbourhood around 8. order viagra order viagra All the street signs in Madrid looked like this. order viagra Very, order viagra very pretty but inefficient. order viagra In fact it wasn’t just in Spain, order viagra it was like this all throughout europe. order viagra Instead a hanging street sign they would put the street names on the first building parallel to the street. order viagra It makes for a harder navigation and I just can’t imagine how hard it is for those who doesn’t know the area well to drive around. order viagra It wasn’t a problem for us when we were walking during the day, order viagra but in a dimly lit area during the night it became quite frustrating. order viagra More on that when we get to Rome later…. order viagra Anyway, order viagra I kept walking down Gran Via to the west, order viagra and (after stopping at a random place for a very greasy breakfast – again wondering why people aren’t overweight here) found myself in the middle of Plaza de Espana park! order viagra order viagra Very pretty park! I spent some time strolling around leisurely and taking pictures. order viagra order viagra I felt a bit adventurous so I ventured more down the street south of the park, order viagra and somehow ended up at the Royal Palace. order viagra By then it was already 10am so I headed back to the hostel in case Serena got in, order viagra and she was already there when I got back. order viagra So after she settled down, order viagra we explored the city more. order viagra We ended up at Plaza Mayor, order viagra and decided to have lunch there since it was such a beautiful day out. order viagra Big mistake. order viagra The place was such a huge tourist trap. order viagra We ordered a plate of cured ham and a plate of Spanish omelette, order viagra and ended up with a bill of €20 per person and it wasn’t even that good. order viagra order viagra But I did get a nice picture so I’m not going to complain anymore. order viagra From there, order viagra we walked south to find El Rastro, order viagra a flea market swarmed with people. order viagra It was too crowded for us so after about ten minutes of walking we bailed and took the metro down to Prado museum instead. order viagra Yet another mistake as none of us were well versed in Spanish art history, order viagra so that became a waste of €10 and two hours of boredom. order viagra Thankfully, order viagra next door to Prado museum was a big, order viagra beautiful park called Retiro Park. order viagra order viagra We promptly headed there, order viagra walked around and sat on the park bench for awhile, order viagra appreciating just how BEAUTIFUL the weather was that day. order viagra I really couldn’t ask for more! order viagra order viagra Except I could. order viagra After about 30 mins of catching up (I hadn’t seen Serena in person since HK/TW trip), order viagra we decided to walk to the north of the park, order viagra with the intention of taking the metro back. order viagra Then we came across… order viagra order viagra … The REAL area of the park where it was just completely alive with people, order viagra kids and tons of things to look at. order viagra We ended up staying for 30 more minutes before taking the metro back to Gran Via. order viagra After a little bit of shopping, order viagra we were both jetlagged and tired so we decided to take a nap. order viagra I had plans to meet up with Christina again that night, order viagra but we both managed to sleep through alarms and didn’t wake up for dinner… we only managed to get out for a quick meal at midnight and promptly went back to sleep >.<

Day 3 – October 31, order viagra 2011 order viagra Thanks to sleeping early the previous night, order viagra we were both up at respectable time. order viagra While Serena was getting ready I spent most of the morning running around the city trying to look for a working Citibank ATM, order viagra but they ALL seem to be out of order! I was really unhappy with Citibank that morning since I was running out of cash. order viagra Anyway, order viagra I remembered seeing an interesting looking place near Plaza Mayor that looks similar to the place Christina brought me to on my first day so we decided to go there for lunch. order viagra The place was called Mercado de San Miguel. order viagra order viagra order viagra … and JACKPOT! It was a tapas place!! I got the above things, order viagra and some croquettas (not pictured) for €6.40. order viagra including the rose wine too! order viagra order viagra Serena also LOVED the place. order viagra in fact she loved it so much that we went back again later that day for a second lunch! order viagra We headed out a bit south to Royal Palace Madrid. order viagra We were a bit disheartened to see the line snaking around the block, order viagra but it actually moved pretty fast and we didn’t wait more than 20 minutes. order viagra order viagra The palace inside was absolutely beautiful and totally worth the €10 entrance fee. order viagra We weren’t allowed to take pictures so I don’t have any, order viagra but I was busy being amazed anyway that I forgot to sneak in a few pictures. order viagra order viagra We also visited the big cathedral across the palace, order viagra called Almudena Cathedral. order viagra Inside was just amazing: order viagra order viagra Made me think of my mom. order viagra She would LOVE all the cathedrals and churches we saw in this trip. order viagra We then stopped for more food at Mercado San Miguel, order viagra then walked to Puerta del Sol, order viagra the city square center, order viagra where we encountered a group of teenage girls chanting and waving around canadian flag. order viagra I can only assume they were Justin Bieber fans…? order viagra order viagra I was really impressed by this guy. order viagra His costume was very well-detailed and he looked like he was sitting on air (probably using the same trick as one of those KLM ‘invisible chair’ installation… or maybe this is where KLM got their idea?) order viagra We took the metro down to Plaza Cibeles for more picture time: order viagra order viagra order viagra Then we walked back home and rested till dinner time, order viagra where I finally met up with Christina again for dinner. order viagra She took us to a famous Paella place at La Baracca, order viagra which I’ve written a separate entry for. order viagra order viagra After that Christina had invited us to a halloween party, order viagra but we had to decline again since our flight the next day is at 9am :( which means we had to get up at 6 and be out by 7. order viagra so in short, order viagra I didn’t party at all in Europe! It’s okay though, order viagra it was still an EPIC trip. order viagra Our next stop was Barcelona, order viagra my favorite city of the entire trip.

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