Europe 2011: Venice (5/6)

We arrived at Venice in the dead of the night

Ok, not quite. we arrived at 9:30pm but we’re in Italy and everything just seem to close early.. so we decided to just go straight to our hostel and sleep.

Except, it wasn’t so simple. From the train station we had to cross the Grand Canal, which involves taking a rather long bridge filled with steps – and that’s not so easy when you have a 17kg suitcase in tow.

Day 10 – November 8, 2011

We didn’t have anything planned in Venice except for sightseeing, so we took our time to wake up and only got out the door at 11am. So in a way, Venice and Florence was our “break” destinations since we had to prepare for Paris next.

It’s true what they say about Venice. The place is extremely beautiful and whimsical. Their mode of transportation is obviously by water. I don’t think I saw a single car in the island (except from where we took our shuttle to the airport).

And everywhere you go, there are shops selling Venetian masks. They’re all hand made and very beautiful. You can find all kinds of styles, from vibrant and bold to dainty lace masks.

I think the best thing to enjoy Venice is to just walk around and get lost in the array of small alleys and cute little shops. We walked around for awhile not knowing where we’re going, and that felt very liberating after 1.5 weeks of living by the map.

SUPER CUTE model of bookshelves! the books are really tiny!!

Eventually, we found our way back to the Grand Canal and one of their main bridge, Rialto bridge.

Rialto bridge is huge and filled with more shops. I’m glad we didn’t have to carry our luggage up THIS brudge!

We had a quick lunch at another chinese restaurant (by now we were really sick of western food…) and let ourselves get lost in the midst of Venice’s alleys again… this time we found ourselves at St Mark’s square

Since it’s pretty close to the southern beach and the water seemed high, I suspect this part of Venice gets flooded when it’s raining hard. There were a few raised catwalk-like platforms built on some parts of the square.

Gondolas are super romantic and very Venetian, but we didn’t take any because they are pricey!

Another thing you’d see very often in Venice aside of the masks are these beautiful and colorful jewelries / household appliances made out of a special glass called Murano glass. We decided to take the water taxi to Murano island which costed €13 round trip and took about 30 minutes. I got seasick pretty fast so I spent most of the ride passed out…

Because we arrived rather late at the island, it was very… empty. There was nothing much to do except walk around and shop for more Murano glass, so we went back after an hour.

This beautiful Murano sculpture can be found in the middle of the island.

We looked for a place to have dinner. I really wanted Caprese salad and I finally got it! The rest of the meal was just ok though. I think Venice isn’t really known for their food unless you want to pay for it.

After dinner and walking around a bit more, we decided to call it a day and went back to our hostel to research about our next big (and last T_T) destination… Paris!!

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