Africa 2012: Cango Caves, Oudtshoorn

Day 2 – November 4, 2012

As i said before, Serena drove like a mad woman so we can make the last tour of the day which departs at 4PM. Cango Caves is about 30 mins drive up the mountain from Oudstshoorn. We left at 3:30PM so we just barely made it at the door before the last tour was about to depart. Thank god, or else our itinerary would have been screwed!

Our tour guide was a pleasant african guy. He told us the history of Cango Caves and how it was accidentally found by a farmer who was chasing one of his goats down the cave. Before there was any electricity, the cave was obviously pitch dark and he only had a candle as a lighting source. They turned off the light for us to simulate how it was like at that time. It was quite scary for me since I don’t like being in the dark.

We also learned that the cave was used as a stage for an orchestra performance, but was discontinued as people started destroying the cave and stealing stones while watching the performance. So now, the caves are only accessible under tour supervision. Our tour guide performed an afrikaan song for us to demonstrate how sound resonates naturally inside the cave (and he had a nice voice!)

We continued to explore the cave, chamber by chamber. I was amazed at how well kept the cave is and how the routes are very well paved, so you won’t have a hard time walking on it at all. The size the chambers were also impressive. Most of them are about two stories high or more. If you chose to go on the adventure route though, you’ll come across some of the more narrow pathways.

They always keep the lights off to prevent moss and fungus from growing inside the cave and damaging it, so each time we walk into a chamber it’s a new revelation on its own.

After Cango Caves, we drove back down to Oudtshoorn. We had dinner at this seafood chain restaurant (which name I forgot) and I had Kingklip, which is commonly served all throughout South Africa. It’s this white fish with dense meat texture that goes well with creamy/tangy sauce.

Appletiser is a soda drink that’s widely available in South Africa. Serena loves it and keeps ordering it with every meal! It tasted like carbonated apple juice. They’re also available in red and white grape juice (called Grapetiser) but we didn’t like those very much.

After dinner we went for a quick grocery run and then back to our cozy B&B. We chilled by the pool for awhile before turning in for the night, talking to a European couple who is renting one of the rooms.

We also had a quick chat with Marie, the owner of the B&B, who impressed me so much when she revealed that she will be taking part in the long ultra marathon consisting of a 90km run! She is extremely fit and does morning bikes daily on top of running the B&B on her own. Here I am completely knackered after just a 5km run and I’m probably half her age :|

The next day, we left Oudtshoorn and continued our road trip down south.

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