Africa 2012: Roadtrip to Oudtshoorn

Day 2 – November 4, 2012

We left Cape Town bright and early at 8am since we needed to reach Oudtshoorn by 3pm, and it’s a whooping six-hour journey to get there. Thankfully driving in South Africa is quite straight forward, where the highways are nicely paved and clearly labeled on Google maps so we didn’t have any trouble navigating at all.

We planned to hit Route 60 then to Route 62, which are both famous for being the most scenic drives in South Africa. Sadly the weather was not cooperating that day, it was a bit foggy and cloudy.

Still, I was very excited to be able to see so much land again. I really love living in Singapore but one must admit that we are very deprived of land that such scenery and nature have become a novelty for me.

It didn’t take very long before we started hitting the highways and down yet another mountainous road. We even drove straight through one of the mountains. Literally straight through, as in they burrowed a tunnel through the mountain!

Then we hit another long tunnel through the mountain, and to my delight the weather on the other side of the tunnel were absolutely perfect. The clouds and fog have cleared up and from then on, it was six hours of crystal clear blue skies and beautiful scenery!

Here is an adorable South African road manners I learned from Serena during our road trip. On smaller roads, when a car knows it is driving too slow, they would pull over to the side and let you pass. Then to “thank” them you can turn on your blinking warning light for a few seconds. Other drivers will do this to you too if you let them pass! How freakin’ cute is that?

This is how a typical mountain looks like around South Africa. Very rocky, a lot of definition and grassy area at the foot of it with more small rocks peppered all over. I really went snap-happy throughout the drive! We even spotted some turtles crossing the road at several occasions, but I failed to get a good picture of that.

A curious blanket of cloud covering only that patch of mountain. I wonder what the scientific explanation behind this is?

There were some small towns along the route and sometimes the towns are so small that the highway just cuts straight through it. But you know you’re about to drive through one when you start seeing farms like this on the side of the road.

Finally we hit Oudstshoorn area at around 2:30pm. Since we had some time to kill, we made a left on one of the dirt roads to an Ostrich farm to have lunch before driving into the city.

Sadly there were no Ostrich on this particular farm due to the bird flu, but we did see a ton of Ostriches at other farms later on, and by the side of the roads.

While lunch was being prepared and Serena was busy with her phone, I took a walk outside to soak in the sun and was greeted by this extremely friendly little girl! According to the farm owner, she is only 6 months old.

I ordered a smoked chicken salad and it came in this HUGE plate. I couldn’t even finish the whole thing and that’s very rare for me!

We quickly finished lunch and drove over into the city to check in at our B&B, called Earthbound B&B, which is located in a really residential area. It was so nondescript from the outside that we drove past it without realizing and had to u-turn back. Once you get inside though, it was THE nicest B&B I’ve ever stayed in! Basically you get a room within the owner’s (very big) house. The room is really nicely decorated and so, so cozy.

I squealed around in delight for a little while. Props to Serena for finding this super cute place!

Then we had to hurry over to Cango Caves as we realized that we were close to missing the last tour of the day. So we hurried outside and Serena drove like a mad woman up the mountain.

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