Africa 2012: Cape Agulhas, the Southern-most point of the continent of Africa

Day 3 – November 5, 2012

I was still heavily jetlagging so I was up really early at 630am. While waiting for Serena to wake up, I couldn’t resist throwing on a bath robe and laid down at the patio. The weather was absolutely perfect outside!

Earthbound, being a Bed & Breakfast, obviously served us breakfast that morning. They had us fill out a little form the day before of what we would like to have for breakfast, which was then brought to us in a cute little picnic basket! They even have a little milk bottle for our cereals which I think is suuuuper adorable.

After breakfast we packed up our things, checked out and drove south using Route 328. Our next destination is Cape Agulhas, which is the most southern point of the African continent. Since Mossel Bay is also on the way, we decided to stop by and have a look around too.

But first, Route 328.

While Route 62 and 60 was beautifully scenic and different, Route 328 presented something that felt very familiar to me. Of course, it’s just like the drives around SoCal! I know I sound like a broken record by now when I keep saying how similar everything looked to California, but it really is.

This reminds me of the drive up to Big Bear

We also saw a TON of Ostriches by the side of the road! Here is one of them:

After a few hours of driving, we finally arrived at the southern coast of Africa and made a right to Mossel Bay which had us drive next to the ocean for awhile. Now tell me this doesn’t look like the drive up Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu!

There wasn’t much to do at Mossel Bay, so we just took a few pictures and went on our way to Cape Agulhas via Highway N2. We stopped by a small town called Swellendam for lunch and fill up on gas.

I ordered steak frites while Serena got oxtail soup. One thing to note is that Malay/Indonesian cuisine is quite prevalent in South Africa. I wouldn’t have expected that! We kept seeing curry, sambal and oxtail soup on the menu.

A short 30-min drive later, we finally arrived at Cape Agulhas, where the Indian and Atlantic ocean meets!

The area around Cape Agulhas is still largely under construction but they were nice enough to build this monument for people to take pictures of.

We then continued on to our next destination. Google map told us to go back to Route 317, and we always trust google map, even when the road was pure dirt road like this:

Little did we know that this dirt road would continue on for a long way, about 46km. We kept wondering if we were going in the right direction and was starting to feel nervous since there were NO other cars around, until we finally hit Route 43, which is a normal highway. From then on it was a smooth, nicely paved drive to Gansbaai!

Gansbaai is a very small town by the beach consisting of just two small main roads. Our hostel was really nice, but aside of a few houses, a gas station and a restaurant, there wasn’t much else to see.

We were still excited though, since the next morning we went out to the ocean for some Great White Shark cage diving.

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