Africa 2012: Waterfront and Signal Hill, Cape Town

Tired, completely drained after our Great White Shark cage diving, and not to mention still covered in dried salt water and chum mixture, Serena and I closed the loop of our road trip with a 2-hour drive back to Cape Town.

We got back to her apartment, took a much needed showe, and for headed back to Waterfront for dinner since I didn’t get to spend much time there when I first landed in Cape Town.

We made reservation at Sevruga, one of the trendy waterfront restaurant at the pier. I just have to show you this picture of their menu! This seems to be a common practice in South Africa where they serve their regular menu and have a little “asian” side menu consisting of dim sum and sushi. And they called dim sum “asian tapas”… which, if you think about it, actually made sense!

The food was awesome and the restaurant had a greatĀ ambianceĀ to it. Too bad that means they have dim lighting and my food pictures came out shitty, but hey.. I tried!

I had their Truffle fillet, served with mushroom cannelloni, truffle salad and gaufrette potatoes (R200). The meat was very tender and delicious but I was disappointed to not detect any truffle aroma at all, which is the reason why I chose this dish to begin with. Such a let down for a dish that bothered to mention truffle twice in its description. The rest of the dish was amazing though.

This is how South African pays for their parking. With an automated machine!

After dinner we were going to go straight home but as we were exiting Waterfront, Serena changed her mind and told me she’s going to take me “somewhere”. We went to the same road we took to go to Camps Bay but she made a right at the peak to a very dark road, and at the top of the road (which I later learned is called Signal Hill), we were greeted by this absolutely amazing, glittering view of Cape Town.

I took these pictures with my iPhone so they aren’t the best, but I was completely flabbergasted at the scenery. I guess it’s just one of those things you had to witness yourself!

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