Africa 2012: Chapman’s Peak and Wine Tasting at Cape Point Vineyard

Karen and Jason, Serena’s friends from San Francisco were due to arrive in Cape Town that morning. Serena and I picked them up from the airport and from there, we went straight to Camps Bay for some Cape Town sightseeing — without even dropping their luggage off first! We hit a ton of spots that day and I’ve got to give it to them both, they didn’t complain or seem tired at all from their long flight from London…

Day 5 – November 7, 2012

It was such a gorgeous day, the sky was as blue as it can be and the sun was out in full force… except, so was the wind. It was possibly THE windiest day I’ve ever experienced, ever!

Serena drove us up to Camps Bay for a quick brunch, as well as to show K and J her favorite place in Cape Town. Here is an illustration of how windy it was: Karen put down her bag on the ground while taking pictures, and her hand bag was blown off a few feet away into the sand by the wind!

On our agenda that day was Chapman’s Peak, Boulders Beach for some Wild African penguins and Cape of Good Hope.

First stop is Chapman’s Peak, arguably the most beautiful point in Cape Town.

We parked our car, ran up the small hill for some quick pictures and gasped at the beautiful scenery in front of us. Chapman’s Peak is definitely a must-visit spot on a good day! The sea looks rough, peppered with little white waves due to the super strong wind.

I am amazed Serena managed to take a decent picture where my hair doesn’t look like it has a life of its own!

There’s me desperately trying to keep my hair down, while everyone else look so effortlessly… normal -_-. And if you were wondering why I’m not scared my dress will get blown away by the wind, it’s because Karen lent me a pair of shorts. Thanks :D :D

We continued our scenic drive on the freeway by the ocean, which included crazy half tunnels like this!

Our next stop was Boulders Beach, which was quite a bit of a drive away from Cape Town. But since we had some time to kill, we allowed ourselves to get a little side-tracked and made a left to Cape Point Vineyard ;)

This is a typical sight in South Africa – Grape Vines as far as the eyes can see!

Wine tasting in South Africa is crazy cheap, especially compared to Singapore where alcohol cost an arm, legs and your firstborn.. So for only ZAR60 (S$8.64), of course I chose the flagship tasting menu!

The wind kept blowing off our wine glasses, so we had to hold them down by the base!

After the wine tasting, we were off to our next destination: Boulders Beach and Cape of Good Hope!

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