Africa 2012: Boulders Beach and Cape of Good Hope

We continued our drive down the southern coast of Cape Town after our random wine tasting at Cape Point Vineyard

Day 5 – November 7, 2012

Our first stop is Boulders Beach, known for its colony of wild African Penguins. We paid our R45 entrance fee and were happily on our way for some penguin sightseeing!

Except we went to the wrong beach. The penguins are at a part of Boulders Beach called Foxy Beach, which is fortunately just a short walk away from the beach we accidentally went to. So we took the boardwalk down, and it wasn’t long before we started seeing penguins around us!

Met this cheeky little guy, picture courtesy of Serena.

When we got to the entrance of Foxy Beach, we simply showed the ticket we bought at the other beach and they allowed us to go in. We walked a little bit to the beach, all the while seeing penguins left and right!

Apparently this colony was started by just a pair of penguins in 1982, and have since multiplied in size

Can you spot the pair of penguins walking side by side? I’m extremely proud of this shot :)

The wind was still super strong which results in medusa-like appearance by my hair, and sand in our eyes.

After Boulders Beach, we continued on to Cape Peninsula, which includes Cape of Good Hope, the most south-west point of continent of Africa. Not as cool as being at the south-most point of Africa but this one is definitely more scenic! We paid R90 of entrance fee since it’s part of a national park.

Spotted a family of baboons inside the park! How cute are the babies??

Also spotted some Zebras, which was actually hard to spot when in the wild. But we knew something interesting is around when there are a bunch of cars parked on the side of the road..

Tons of Ostriches as well!

We arrived at Cape of Good Hope, the most wouth-west point of Africa continent. We tried to take some pictures with the sign but failed miserably as the wind was just too strong! I did manage to snap a cute pic of K and J though :D

Then we took the cable car ride up the hill to Cape Point  for R49 since we weren’t about to hike up. Once you get up there, the view was absolutely gorgeous!

Spotted Singapore and apparently I was 9,667km away from home.

Kudos to Serena again for capturing a decent picture of me amidst all the wind. My face wasn’t even visible in the other pics thanks to my hair…

We drove back to Cape Town, which took nearly two hours, and had a traditional South African dinner at a restaurant called Karibu in Waterfront.

I had one of their Braai menu (Afrikaan word for “grill”), with a side of Chakalaka, a South African side dish that reminded me of mexican baked beans. I think this was called “Devil’s Peak”, which had Boerewors, Lamb Chip and fillet Sosatie.

The food was good but I guess it was nothing too memorable since I can’t recall what I had without looking up the menu online! It’s definitely a tourist place to go when you want to try some exotic meats. They had ostrich, venison and springbok on the menu.

We went home for a good night rest before our early morning flight to Vic Falls in Zimbabwe!

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