Paul’s Visit Day 2: Sentosa Island

After a whole day at Universal Studios, we took the monorail to beach station to see what the island has to offer. I’ve always wanted to try the luge and skyride, so that’s exactly what we did!

On our way up on the sky ride.

so high up!!

Us on the luge ride. it was a TON of fun! we went twice for each trail, however on the second ride my stupid car wasn’t working properly :( it wouldn’t let me slow down, so if i’m going down the hill at high speed i have to stop abruptly (and make a loud screeching noise). so scary and dangerous.

Had dinner at Chili’s

HORRIFIED to find how expensive they are in Singapore! I had a chicken sandwich which costed me SGD18. If I recall correctly sandwiches at Chili’s in the US were only $8-10! It was still yummy though.

Also watched the circus show Voyage De La Vie. They’re kind of like Cirque Du Soleil. The show lasted about 90 mins, full of acrobatic goodness. It was a fun show. I was very impressed at the super elastic boy.

Paul’s visit Day 2: Universal Studios

After a full day of eating on Day 1, we headed to the ultimate tourist paradise in Singapore: Sentosa Island! We got to Sentosa from the island through the monorail at Vivo City. First stop: The newly opened Universal Studios.

At first I wasn’t so excited about going since we’re both from LA and had gone to the actual Universal Studios there, but once I stepped inside the park I couldn’t hide my excitement anymore… YAY we’re in universal studios!

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Paul’s visit Day 1: Singapore Food!

It’s inevitable. when i start working, this blog (and pretty much life outside of work) immediately takes the back seat. but… that’s what happens when you’re passionate about your job, right?

In any case, a good friend from high school came to visit last weekend! he had just (finally) finished dental school last month. the last time i saw him was when he interviewed for UCLA dental school, which means it has been four years since we last saw each other. but doesn’t matter, we picked right back up from where we left off. i forgot how it feels like to be with someone you’ve known for ten plus years. no pretense, just as we are.

it was a TON of fun introducing him to Singapore, and oh, all the food we had! First stop after picking him up at changi was to Orchard. He wanted to experience the “Singapore” meal, so I took him to the food court at the basement of Ion. yeah I know that’s touristy still, but we (I) was hungry! He got his first chicken rice and a taste of Singlish, while I got charsiew rice.

My Charsiew Rice. It was quite yummy! The pork was crispy

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Camera Clean Up #4857

Yeah, I know.. yet another neglect of this blog for weeks on end. But I have good reason! and I have lots of pictures to post in an upcoming entry :). meanwhile, i cleaned up my camera memory card and here’s what i have to show:


an apple shaped leather coin pouch. Isn’t this soOoo cute?? I bought this in Singapore at a random store for SGD10. pretty cheap and i’ve been needing a coin pouch for the longest time~

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Singapore Pictures

yay!! i have something to blog about!

so I completely forgot I have these pictures to upload :) these are pics from Singapore, where we visited the Jurong bird park and Singapore zoo. I also have some pictures from when we went down to Orchard road, one of the famous places to go in Singapore to shop.. they have all kinds of high end stores there.

so on that day, we woke up early but didn’t get out to explore until around 10:30AM. we immediately took the MRT (their subway system… i think it stands for Mass Rapid Transit?) to Jurong Bird park. the public transport here is very clean, efficient and very easy to understand… just what Singapore is well known for: clean and organized! there were always a line to stand in if you want to get taxi or get on a bus. and you can’t just wave at the taxi on the street. taxis don’t just stop at random places… they have their own designated spot. we didn’t have any hard time getting around at all despite it being our first time getting around Singapore by ourselves! impressive.

One MRT ride and one bus ride later, we were at the Jurong bird park. I really regret not taking my SLR :( anyway, here are the pictures!

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Awesome Singapore!

I’m in Singapore :D I believe the last time I visited this wonderful country is in 1996 or 1997, so it has really been quite awhile. i remember almost nothing regarding my last visit, but i do remember how exciting it is to be in Singapore. I really like it here, mainly because everything is more like how it was back in LA! (though unfortunately also down to the living costs). It’s SUCH a nice break to be able to get away from the crowded and dirty Jakarta.

Tomorrow, I am going to explore the city with my sister, so more pictures are definitely coming… but here are some pictures of singapore skyline in Marina Bay area, and the apartment we’re blessed enough to be staying in courtesy of my brother’s boss. It’s such a nice apartment! =)