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Well, I waited too long before I posted these and now I've pretty much forgotten what to say about each of these pics :/ but that's okay, because pictures speaks a thousand words right? or so they say. . . this is me at senada square. I'm pretty sure one of the scenes from the korean version of Hana Yori Dango was filmed here, [danazol 200mg pills $180.00] but I actually didn't watch it far enough to see that scene (only saw a glimpse of it). There is always a McDonalds somewhere! This one is the ruins of St. Paul's church. If I remember correctly, it has been there since the 1600s and survived two great fires before the third one completely ruined it and left only the front gate facade standing. . . hence the ruins. We saw a bunch of people eating danazol 200mg pills $180.00 these on the way back, so we decided to give it a try. It's Portuguese egg tart! It was quite good danazol 200mg pills $180.00, actually. . . reminds me of creme brulee but. . eggy-er. I just love this shot! :)

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