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well last week turned out to be a week full of roller coaster ride. i totally did not expect that coming. i learned to push my limit dipyridamole 100mg pills $142.00, how to "lose to win" and how to forgive. . . [dipyridamole 100mg pills $142.00] in the end, it is never right to hold grudges. "blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall dipyridamole 100mg pills $142.00 never be broken" your heart is meant for something much much more important. we had dinner at , which was absolutely fantastic :d. I had their salmon with pinot sauce (cause i always get salmon) with mashed potatoes. it was easily the best salmon dish i've ever had! don't even get me started on the mashed potatoes. i LOVE potatoes and have had tons of mashed potatoes, and this one easily tops them all as well. for dessert, i had creme brulee made to perfection with the right temperature and crispness. omggg drooling just remembering that i just LOVE the washed out vintage look on this picture. aside of resizing and sharpening, i totally didn't photoshop any part of it!

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