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Keeping a hardon i totally forgot that i also still have pics to upload from my pink digital camera. . we took a LOT of pictures that week I guess. somewhere inside the Venetian. . . this is the brown cardigan i got from zara. i love it!! it's simple and longer than most cardigans out there. . as you can see keeping a hardon, it goes down to the hem of my shorts. but i guess that doesn't say much since the shorts i wore were pretty. . . short. . . hey, it was really hot outside, okay? someone offered to take pictures of us. how nice of him =) i think this was at the four seasons, which was directly connected to the Venetian i look very touristy here. . . at the Fisherman's wharf, we took the shuttle tour. waste of money!! should have taken it at night. . it would have been prettier. but then again, it was really cheap. keeping a hardon] com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/macau601. jpg" alt="" width="500" height="375" /> tried this beer called Hoegaarden. . i had a huge glass of Carlsberg before this so i was already tipsy. if you must know, my tolerance is virtually non-existent these days. in my inebriated state i said, "let's order that beer with the funny name!" well, sorry if anyone here is a fan, but i did not like it very much. and keeping a hardon yeah, it was super huge as you can see above. my sister ordered the tall glass. .

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