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I went to Macau last week for a little over a week. This time I learned my lesson and brought my SLR :) yayyy! I took a LOT of pictures with my SLR on the first couple days, but it did get a bit too tiring to bring it along every single day, so i stopped after about 3 days :X we actually landed in Hongkong first, then took the ferry straight to Macau lisinopril 10mg pills $91.00] width="500" height="333" /> lots of high rise apartments here in this side of the world. . . first night out! i'm just so fascinated at the neon signs with all the chinese characters The next day lisinopril 10mg pills $91.00, I went to the Venetian to check the hotel out a bit Basically the same as Vegas, with the mock sky roof a swarovski store! the crystals were really bling in real life. i try my best to capture it, but picture does no justice as always. Lisinopril 10mg pills $91.00 . They have one of those statue performers as well taking a break at the food court and I decided to whip out my camera . . much to my sister's dismay apparently! met up with my dear brother and lisinopril 10mg pills $91.00 we circled the place once more. . oh, i bought a simple cardigan at ZARA. it's a bit pricey for what it is but I love the fit photo-whored outside! my brother hates this shot but i love it! Venetian is a HUGE place. on the shuttle bus ride back to our hotel.

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