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After a full day of eating on , we headed to the ultimate tourist paradise in Singapore: Sentosa Island! We got to Sentosa from the island through the monorail at Vivo City. First stop: The newly opened Universal Studios. At first I wasn't so excited about going since we're both from LA and had gone to the actual Universal Studios there, but once I stepped inside the park I couldn't hide my excitement anymore. . . YAY we're in universal studios! After getting into the park, we immediately used our $5 meal voucher to eat at [ponstel 250mg pills $130.00 from fda approved store] Mel's diner. only decent food, but that's not what we're there for anyway! Paul met Charlie Chaplin. . . I met the smoking street hole thing. . . . uh yeah. not sure who this man is, but he was friendly! Unfortunately pretty much the whole sci-fi town area was closed. They had some complications with the Battlestar Galactica rides, so they had to be closed ponstel 250mg pills $130.00 from fda approved store down until further notice. FOR SHAME! You all know how much of a sci-fi geek I am :( But life goes on ponstel 250mg pills $130.00 from fda approved store, and we walked to the Revenge of the Mummy area. Went into the indoor roller coaster ride, and since it was early in the day there were literally NO lines! so we went twice in a row :D it was very fun! entering the mummy area. men with six packs! ooooh I think this picture is very cool. Ponstel 250mg pills $130.00 from fda approved store right after that is the jurassic park area. We went on the wet rides but did not get wet at all. Boo! loved the little details (there is a mosquito inside that rock if you can't see) we're about to fly! shortest ride ever, but fun nevertheless. finally at far far away spotted this immediately after entering far far away. that's what we all scream for. . ICE CREAM! actually, it was literally one of the best soft serves i've ever had in my life. the texture is very creamy and the chocolate flavor is thick. To end the day, we watched Monster Rock. Then loved it so much that we decided to come back for a second viewing! The dracula is so charming!

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