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After a whole day at , we took the monorail to beach station to see what the island has to offer. I've always wanted to try the luge and skyride, so that's exactly what we did! On our way up on the sky ride. so high up!! Us on the luge ride. it was a TON of fun! we went twice for each trail, however on the second ride my stupid car wasn't working properly :( it wouldn't let me slow down prednisone 40mg pills $126.00 from fda approved store, so if i'm going down the hill at high speed i have to stop abruptly (and [prednisone 40mg pills $126.00 from fda approved store] make a loud screeching noise). so scary and dangerous. Had dinner at Chili's prednisone 40mg pills $126.00 from fda approved store /> HORRIFIED to find how expensive they are in Singapore! I had a chicken sandwich which costed me SGD18. If I recall correctly sandwiches at Chili's in the US were only $8-10! It was still yummy though. Also watched the circus show Voyage De La Vie. They're kind of like Cirque Du Soleil. The show lasted about 90 mins, full of acrobatic goodness. It was a fun show. I was very impressed at the super elastic boy.

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