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So I had been busy at work and haven't had a weekend since maybe mid-July. A vacation was badly needed by the end of it all. We've been talking about taking off to Malaysia since my brother had a tournament there that week but for awhile I wasn't sure if I could afford to since work was still wrapping up after the golf tournament. However, one day my sister was looking up tickets to Malaysia and. . . she accidentally booked us a round trip.  So I guess that pretty much seals the deal and we were off to Malaysia for five days! :D On the day we were supposed to leave rebetol 200mg pills $261.00, we stopped by the office for a bit to wrap up work and finally off to the airport. Things went well, we were there early and the flight went smoothly. It wasn't until we got to KUL that we were held off at the immigration office for SIX HOURS. yessss six friggin' hours. . . Turns out our passports are not really a passport (it's called "Travel Document in lieu of Passport" instead) and apparently we needed a visa to get into Malaysia with that, even though Indonesians generally don't need visa to get into Malaysia. The officers there refused to listen to whatever we said, flat out told us we would be sent back to Jakarta on the next flight back and then proceeded to completely ignore us for about three hours. We were so furious! Finally after waiting around for what seemed like forever, being hungry (I hadn't eaten that day), cold and very irritated, my parents came to the rescue with help from a nice officer at the immigration office and the folks at Asian Tour. . . they wrote us a letter that we were indeed there to watch my brother and that we weren't there for any other business. rebetol 200mg pills $261.00 That worked, and we finally came out of the airport at around 8:30PM. Our flight landed at 2:30PM. The first thing we did when we came out was of course, eat! we hit the first fast food place we saw and ordered some small meals. Then we went off to the , which is about an hour away from the Airport and is located on top of Malaysia's biggest shopping mall! There we had our second dinner: malaysia01 Nasi Lemak and Chicken! Nasi Lemak is literally translated "Fatty Rice". sounds so appealing huh? :P but it was really good! malaysia23 malaysia02 I was so hungry! Anyway, the place we stayed at was SO awesome! the shopping mall was directly connected to the hotel's lobby, so it was easy access to stores, restaurants and everything else. Malaysia is generally not very expensive. I think everything cost about the same as back in Jakarta for the most part, and the atmosphere also feel the same. I felt like I never left since they also speak similar language as Indonesians, but the places here are cleaner. Malaysia has better western brand exposure though. There was a  grocery store called "JusCo" in the mall and it had a bunch of American brands for really reasonable prices! My sister stocked up on her favorite cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats. . couldn't find these in Jakarta without paying an exorbitant amount. malaysia22 We seriously brought back maybe 7-8 boxes of these. malaysia21 also brought 2 boxes of Bixies. we found this cereal during our Singapore trip earlier and fell in love with the wild berry kind. They sell these for $9/box in Jakarta!! In Malaysia they are only about $2-3 a box. There was also some familiar American restaurants in the mall. . . like TGIF!! We had dinner there on the second day. They had a 1 appetizer 1 entree deal for RM29. 90 (about $6), so we ordered two sets of these. malaysia03 One of the appetizers. I forgot what these are called, but it's basically fried Mac & Cheese and oh-so-good. . . It was really nice because I never get to eat American foods anymore after moving to Jakarta. Evidently this is good for my body because I found out that between now and January, I've lost 4kg! that's about 9lbs o. O I haven't been exercising and I don't exactly hold back when I eat. . I still inhale everything that was put in front of me, so it must be the food itself. malaysia04 The other appetizer: Boneless chicken wings. I haven't had celery and ranch sauce in forever, because believe it or not celeries are quite expensive here (or maybe we just haven't been shopping at the right places?) malaysia05 My brother ordered this Bacon Cheeseburger (we already ate the bacon in the picture above). It was actually not very good, but the fries were yummy! I forgot to take pics of the other entrees. . . I guess I was hungry :P malaysia06 There was also Burger King, and we totally fell in love with their RM1 vanilla ice cream cone. It was soooo good and tasted different than other fast food's ice cream cones! malaysia07 Also had Yoshinoya beef bowl during one of our mall excursions. . . I swear Yoshinoya tastes better in Asia. I didn't like them very much back in the states. malaysia08 Got this Strawberry Delight at BK, which is basically just their vanilla ice cream and strawberry jam looking sauce. . but it was really good to me! malaysia10 Went to the pool for awhile to watch my brother do some rounds and trying to practice diving into the pool malaysia12 malaysia11 we were just goofing around ^^ malaysia13 YUMMY crepes! malaysia14 Close up of the crepes malaysia15 Some unagi dish with poached egg on top. malaysia16 I forgot what this is, but it was good! some sort of asian tortilla wrap. I suspect there might be some shrimp / crabs in it though The mall also had something we've all missed from the states. . Carls Jr!! They make their burgers exactly like what it was back in SoCal = yummy. Rebetol 200mg pills $261.00 . the price was still the same though, which makes them quite pricey by local standard. malaysia18 My brother went nuts and probably ate like 3 burgers in the span of 24 hours. . . while still eating dinner with us! malaysia19 Literally right after the picture above was taken, we met fellow Asian Tour player Bryan, Do and his friend / caddy Johnny. Went next door [rebetol 200mg pills $261.00] to have some happy hour Heineken and some super fun conversation :D malaysia20 And that was the last day of Malaysia. The next day we left the hotel at 6am because my flight was at 9am. I loved the Nasi Lemak we had on the first day so much, that I bought more to be eaten at the airport. It was so cheap! $2 for the rice and chicken combo: malaysia24 Off we go back to Jakarta~ malaysia25 malaysia26 And. . that's about all the pics I took. Yea, I know. they were mostly of FOOD. that's because I didn't really go anywhere but the golf course and the mall (where i scored some cheap nail polish. . will share that on another entry later). I loved this trip very much though because I got to hang out with my dad and my brother a lot - something we haven't had the chance to do much of this year. . . . that to me is more precious than anything else! :)

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