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so this weekend i went to Vegas with a bunch of girls for Elisa's birthday. SOOOO much fun synthroid 25mcg pills $72.00, but i don't feel like getting into too much details. it's not one of those "whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas" thing, i'm just lazy ;) here are pics though: vegas1. jpg isn't this pretty?? this is in front of TAO at the Venetian. i wanna take a [synthroid 25mcg pills $72.00] shower in these :) at night they actually put girls in synthroid 25mcg pills $72.00 there as decorations. vegas2. jpg Coyote Ugly!!! in New York New York. i am so going here again next time. the girls were smokin' hooootttt~ the shot was free for girls, so all of us took at least one shot. Elisa took MANY and i documented each one of them. they're for facebook friends eyes only though. vegas3. jpg all of us at the Venetian. right across from the Jimmy Choo's store June was very fond of. vegas4. jpg $1 margaritas from Casino Royale!! it was very yummy vegas5. jpg with June :D!! i was way faded that i don't remember taking this picture. Synthroid 25mcg pills $72.00 . .

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